Fresh Meat 4 – This Is It! (1997)

Starring: Delphine (as Delphin), Hayley Russel, Jamie Le, Randi Storm, Sana Fey, Shanna McCullough, Silvia Saint, Sunny, Vivienne Clash, Brian Surewood, Claudio, JJ Michaels, Jake Steed, Jeremy Steele, Marc Wallice, Sean Michaels, Tom Byron, Vince Vouyer

Description: The fourth installment of John Leslie’s Fresh Meat series has the classic pulchritude of Silvia Saint, sweet Jamie Le, exotic Vivienne, stylish slut Sunny and elfin young Delfin, plus so many more! Here’s a chance to revisit an old favorite in pristine digital quality! Also Staring: Vivienne, Harley D., Delfin and Sunny

Scene 1. Hayley Russel, Brian Surewood, Jake Steed
Scene 2. Delphine, Randi Storm, Claudio, Jeremy Steele
Scene 3. Silvia Saint, Jake Steed, Vince Vouyer
Scene 4. Sana Fey, Shanna McCullough
Scene 5. Shanna McCullough, Sean Michaels
Scene 6. Vivienne Clash, Tom Byron
Scene 7. Jamie Le, Sunny, guy, J.J. Michaels, Marc Vallitse



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