Getting Personal (1986)


Caballero Home Video

Henri Pachard

Colleen Brennan, Nina Hartley, Patti Petite, Rita Ricardo, Sharon Mitchell,
Blair Harris, Hershel Savage, Jon Martin, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas

There’s Nothing Private About It!
Wanda’s a beautiful hooker who’s trying to escape her sleazy way of life. Willie’s a nervous immigrant who’s got to find a wife in order to stay in the country legally. Together both Willie and Wanda discover they’ll be Getting help each other outin a savage love affair of gluttonous sexuality. After Willie and Wanda marry for convenience, they plot a sweaty sex wallow to bilk a rich john out of his money. But Wanda’s provocative cohort Lucille absconds with the Moolah. Now broke, a debt to a loanshark must be paid by sexually satisfying the disgusting desires of rich-bitch Sylvia. Still needing money, Wanda initiates Bob and Judy into taboo lust for a subsequent live-sex stage show. How will the desperate lives of Wanda and Willie end! Maybe hopefully…maybe not. But no matter how you look at it, they’ve both had a trulyt erotic field day of nonstop, relentless carnality.




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