Girls of the A Team (1985)


Cast: Ali Moore, Buffy Davis, Tamara Longley, Ami Rodgers, Jennifer Noxt, Josephine Carradine, Cheri Janvier, Jessica Wylde, Sahara, Peter North, Harry Reems, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, F.M. Bradley

Director: Jerome Tanner

Girls of the A Team (1985)
aka Anal Team

Scene Breakdowns

· Scene 1. Tamara Longley, Ron Jeremy
· Scene 2. Cheri Janvier, Tamara Longley
· Scene 3. Buffy Davis, Harry Reems
· Scene 4. Buffy Davis, Jennifer Noxt, Cheri Janvier
· Scene 5. Buffy Davis, Jennifer Noxt, Cheri Janvier, F.M. Bradley, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
· Scene 6. Ami Rodgers, F.M. Bradley, Peter North
· Scene 7. Buffy Davis, Sahara, Tom Byron
· Scene 8. Jennifer Noxt, Sahara, Marc Wallice, Ron Jeremy
· Scene 9. Tamara Longley, F.M. Bradley, Tom Byron
· Scene 10. Ali Moore, Ami Rodgers, Buffy Davis, Jennifer Noxt, Jessica Wylde, Josephine Carrington, Cheri Janvier, Sahara, F.M. Bradley, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Tom Byron




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