Hard Love (1975)

Jeunes filles perverses

Released: 1975
Director: Serge Korber

Alternate Titles
• Bourgeoise et salope video title, hard version
• Désir intense Dir. Serge Korber as John Thomas hard version, Sperma Video release 1987
• Hard Love
• Hard Love – Le Pornoadolescenti 1977
• Ijsk(l)ontjes voor een hete bliksem Belgium, Flemish title
• La Vie sentimentale de Walter Petit

• Anna Douking
• Anne Libert plays Rose, neighbour to Walter Petit, soft only
• Anne Vareze plays Josy, secretary to the director
• Claudine Beccarie plays Police-agent
• Danièle Nègre plays Joséphine, a secretary
• Jacqueline Doyen plays Irene, wife of director, non sex
• Laure Cottereau plays Beatrice, daughter of director, soft only
• Martine Grimaud plays Solange, a secretary
• Monique Vita plays Cookie
• Pamela Stanford as Pamela Stand Ford, plays a secretary
• Véra Valmont

• Richard Darbois plays Walter Petit
• Marcel Dalio
• Pierre Danny
• Jean Pierre Lombard
• Bernard Musson
• Manu Pluton
• Cyril Val, uncredited, in added adult scene
• Carmelo Petix, uncredited, probably in added adult scene




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