Health Spa (1978)


Abigail Clayton … Alice
John Seeman … Bill
Kay Parker … June Winters
Phae Burd … Nina (as Phaery I. Burd)
Robert Girard … Todd
Rudy Graham … Mr. Martin

Scene 1. Pheary I. Burd, Robert Girard
Scene 2. Abigail Clayton, Kay Parker
Scene 3. Abigail Clayton, John Seeman
Scene 4. Kay Parker
Scene 5. Abigail Clayton, John Seeman, Pheary I. Burd
Scene 6. Kay Parker
Scene 7. Abigail Clayton, Robert Girard
Scene 8. Pheary I. Burd, Ruby Graham
Scene 9. Abigail Clayton, John Seeman, Pheary I. Burd, Ruby Graham
Scene 10. Kay Parker, Robert Girard

Beautiful Kay Parker plays an investigative reporter with Expose Magazine who is assigned to write an article on a new health spa, famous for its program of sexercise. Behind the guarded doors she is lead into an erotic underworld teeming with turned on adults. Everywhere she looks bodies are entwined in a lusty search for passionate ecstasy, unaware of anything except the discovery of new ways to achieve sexual fulfillment. Through a bewildering series of sensual encounters with a variety of partners, and a fantastic display of unusual erotic techniques, she realizes that sexercise is here to stay.



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