Hotel St. Pauli (1988)

Year: 1988
Country: Norway
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Language: Original

Director: Svend Wam

Starring: John Ege, Amanda Ooms, Oyvin Bang Berven, Sossen Krohg, Jons Andersson, Johann Benet, Jorunn Kjellsby, Lasse Lindtner, Petter Nome, Linn Stokke, Ingrid van Bergen

Description: Morgan has traveled from Norway in hopes of finding a prostitute to complete his sexual initiation. Instead, he finds his doom with a highly neurotic couple. Gerda is a sweet-tempered thing but is inextricably bound to the ominous Jor, a writer who is self-obsessed to an unusual extreme. While Gerda hopes that she can use her new relationship with Morgan to free herself from the writer, Jor has no intention of allowing that to happen.



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