Ich will nur ficken (1979)

Original Title

* Profession: baiseuse

Alternate Titles

* Ich will nur ficken (Mike Hunter, DVD title)
* Nymphoman (Mike Hunter, VHS title)
* La Psychanalyse mène à tout

Director: Jean Desvilles as Georges Fleury


* Morgane plays Marianne (Mademoiselle Perrin)
* Daniele Troeger mostly archive footage, plays the sister
* Brigitte Lahaie archive footage
* Dawn Cumming archive footage
* Diane Dubois brief, archive footage
* Erika Cool archive footage
* Jocelyne Clairis archive footage
* Laurence Thibault archive footage
* Siegried Cellier archive footage
* Valerie Martin’s
* XNK2473


* Andre Chazel plays J. P. Berger, the private detective (body double for h/c)
* Guy Royer, plays the sister’s husband, archive footage
* Charlie Schreiner, plays the sister’s lover, archive footage

Dubbed in German, originally French

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