Indiana Joan And The Black Hole Of Mammoo (1984)


AKA: Indiana Joan In The Black Hole Of Mammoo

Director: Vince Benedetti

Starring: Barbie Dahl, Hazel Scott, Sarah Bernard, Satin Summer, Tasha Voux, Melvin Ward, Michel LeBoeuf.

Barbie Dahl is delicious as she hooks up with natives in the jungle for all sorts of interracial action. Loads of incredible male/female and female/female action. Look for the great scene as Barbie is subdued by some native women that proceed to tongue her like there is no tomorrow. Barbie tries to resist, begging, “Oh no, no, don’t eat me!” But soon she is grinding and moaning as she cums left and right. The natives are in full jungle outfits and played in stereotypical over-the-top style. If you enjoy ebony and ivory action, you will love this film. A delightful parody of the Indiana Jones films that interracial action fans will enjoy over and over.



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