Intimidation (1977)

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1977
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Joe Davian
Starring: Jackie Right, Marlene Willoughby, Crystal Sync (as Melinda Sol), Carter Stevens (as Aka Mitchell), Gilbert Palmitier (as Harry Cash), Hershel Savage (as Jack Soft), R. Bolla (as Robin Hoock), Ashley Moore (as Steve Pumpkin)

Description: Intimidation opens with R. Bolla and Marlene Willoughby sitting in front of a blazing fireplace and plotting some naughtiness involving a gang of drug smugglers. They seal their plan and their fates by making love — er, make that fucking ferociously — on the floor before the fire.
Marlene’s lanky sex appeal is at its zenith in this spry caper flick, and fans of felonious fellatio will simply love watching her go down on the Bolla baloney.
When the smuggling is successfully brought off, the gang gets together on a yacht to bring each other off and, apparently, to give Bolla and Marlene an opportunity to pull a double-cross. This they do, and the rest of the gang (including porn stud Hershel Savage) start playing rough.
The jism and bullets fly! Don’t miss the exciting climax — make that climaxes — in which evil triumphs over evil. To the role of a stewardess-cum-smuggler who gets in over her head (and gives head over and over again), Marlene brings her unique blend of pornographic talents and turns in a performance that gives new meaning to the term contraband. (Ouch!)
We’re back in front of a blazing fireplace in the opening of Dungeon of Pain, but these lovers — ahem! — confess themselves to be “tired of the same kind of basic sex.” They need something “freaky,” so they bestir themselves to the Dungeon of Pain where they hope to be relieved of their sexual boredom.
There, a black-caped dominatrix introduces them to the kinky joys of S&M — though the Deviate has whipped eggs harder than this lady handles her bullwhip.





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