Irresistible (1982)



Dorothy Lemay
Gail Sterling [Facial]
Gina Gianetti [Facial]
Lynn Franciss
Mai Lin
Melissa Daye
Nicole Black
Samantha Fox
Starr Wood


Billy Dee
Howard Darkley [NonSex]
Misha Garr [NonSex]
Paul Thomas
Richard Pacheco

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Dorothy Lemay, Richard Pacheco
Scene 2. Starr Wood, Richard Pacheco
Scene 3. Gail Sterling, Richard Pacheco
Scene 4. Gail Sterling, Gina Gianetti, Richard Pacheco
Scene 5. Gail Sterling, Gina Gianetti, Lynn Franciss, Mai Lin, Billy Dee, Richard Pacheco
Scene 6. Nicole Black, Richard Pacheco
Scene 7. Samantha Fox, Richard Pacheco

Imagine being able to travel back into time and be welcomed into the intimate bedrooms of the most notorious women in history. Well, it happens to Walter Brooks, just when he needs it most.

First, with the help of a time machine, he finds himself alone with the sultry Cleopatra who draws Walter into the steaming depths of her inner, secret pleasures

From there he travels to explore the innocent young flower Juliet, with Romeo courting her from beneath her window. This seduction is so successful, however, Juliet falls in love with Walter and follows him back to the 20th Century, creating a paradox in paradise and putting Walter in deep trouble.

The Irresistible lady legends that follow, and the fantastic situations that develop, fill the screen with an avalanche of sexual debauchery performed by a bewildering array of beautiful and inexhaustible playmates.





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