Jeunes Veuves Lubriques (1995)


Also Known As
Giovani vedove assatanate [Italy]
La veuve était en rose [Video Marc Dorcel, alt. title]
Lick It Up [Tabu, Germany]

Starring: Erika Bella, Christophe Clark, Clarissa Bruni, Mike Foster, Anika Kope, Andrea Nobilli, David Perry, Isolt Walson

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Clarissa Bruni, David Perry
  • Scene 2. Eniko Wrabel, Andrea Nobili, David Perry
  • Scene 3. Erika Bella, Christoph Clark
  • Scene 4. Clarissa Bruni, Andrea Nobili
  • Scene 5. Dina Pearl, David Perry, John Walton
  • Scene 6. Clarissa Bruni, Erika Bella
  • Scene 7. Eniko Wrabel, John Walton
  • Scene 8. Clarissa Bruni, Christoph Clark
  • Scene 9. Ursula Moore, David Perry, Mike Foster
  • Scene 10. Clarissa Bruni, Christoph Clark
  • Scene 11. Clarissa Bruni, Erika Bella, Andrea Nobili


  • Erika Bella is credited as Erika Stone in the end credits.
  • Scenes 3 and 4 are intercut.
  • Scenes 5 and 6 are intercut.
  • Andrea Nobili is only masturbating himself in the scenes 2 and 11.

Language: French, German



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