Josefine Mutzenbacher Teil 6 … wie sie heute war: Die Nacht der wilden schwanze (1980)

Information about the film:
Title: Josefine Mutzenbacher Teil 6 … wie sie heute wär: Die Nacht der wilden schwänze
Genre:Feature, Oral Sex, Hardcore, Group Sex
Production:Germany, Herzog
Director: Gunter Otto

Starring: Carmen Chevalier, Claudia Mehringer, Jaqueline Frank, Leila Vigso, Rosl Mayr, Tanja Fielmann, Willi Stenz, Fridolin Muller, Titus Sting

About movie:
The setting—a quaint country home nestled in the verdant hillsides of an idyllic German forest. Who can think of better place to get it on, rough and tumble style, with some hot and willing babes? The dream sequence concluding this steamy tale is the perfect climax you don’t want to miss!




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