Sex Alpin aka Sex Mountain (1986)


Slide in and plant your pole into one of the hottest little ski huts around! An innocent weekend ski trip turns into one big snowplow as cute ski-sluts swap partners fast enough to melt down any glacier. Downhill, freestyle, hot-doggin’ through the back chute, hot-blooded ski tramps like to take plenty of runs in all ways.

Released: 1986
Director: Simon B. Jones
Notes: West Germany

Alternate Titles
Alpine Sex
Sex Mountain 1988 US video box title and DVD box and screen title, VCX
Ski, Sex, Mountain. US video screen title
Skihaserl-bums Frivol, then Herzog

Angie Armstrong
Christine Leval as Christine Marlberg
Diana Auvers as Verena Marius
Nadia Baumel uncredited
Nadja Kern

Credited males –

Hans-Peter Schmidt
Fred Wosch
Sascha Helm
plus the photographer



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