La Dechainee (1982)

Forbidden Pleasures
Slips fendus et porte-jarretelles
Verbotene Sex-Spiele

Amanda Shell
Marilyn Jess
Tina Loren
Valerie Sidy as Valerie Vinal
Jean-Pierre Armand
Dany Verneuil

Advocate Lucien wants to sell his country house. Sadly there’s no buyer to be found, only two sexy girls (Marylin Jess being one) from the village who make themselves comfortable in the place. Julien takes advantage of the opportunity and decides to spend some time there with his mistress. Now there’s nothing to stop a ménage à quatre. When finally a willing buyer turns up, the man is quickly convinced to drop his pants and sign the contract.




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  1. I think it is less the title “Bourgeoises Mais Perverses”. Do you have this archive? If you have, could you like to share to us? thanks.

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