Labyrinthe (1997) DVD

Alternate Titles

Labyrinthe X
The Maze

Cast: Erika Bella, Fovea, Laure Sainclair, Lea Martini, Stephanie Silver, Swanny, Silvia Saint, Bruno SX, Hakan, Mike Foster, Philippe Dean, Philippe Soine, Robert Rosenberg, Roberto Malone

Scene 1. Erika Bella, Roberto Malone
Scene 2. Laure Sainclair, guy, Philippe Dean
Scene 3. Fovea, guy
Scene 4. Lea Martini, Bruno SX
Scene 5. Laure Sainclair
Scene 6. Silvia Saint, guy
Scene 7. Laure Sainclair, Swanny, Hakan
Scene 8. Laure Sainclair, Stephanie Silver, Mike Foster, Robert Rosenberg
Scene 9. Laure Sainclair, Philippe Soine
Scene 10. Laure Sainclair, Hakan

One of the best from the 90’s, this film won a bunch of awards. It shows that a big budget combined with real talent can produce adult cinema almost as good as mainstream Hollywood movies.

The script, sets, lighting, editing, and production values in general are far above average, even better than usual for Marc Dorcel.

The plot is another creative variation in the fantasy/horror porn subgenre — more fantasy than horror this time — with a hint of Alice in Wonderland, and a theme that we’ve seen in earlier porn films. Labyrinthe is probably closest to F… and Lots of It (1980) which I highly recommend if you still haven’t seen it. Both films take place inside a magical house, with a maze of passageways (hence the title) and many rooms filled with surprises.

Laure is sometimes an observer, and other times a participant in the sexual goings on. She is occasionally chased by Philippe Soine as a devilish, schizophrenic lunatic. He finally catches her near the end, and their sex scene is one of the hottest of the film, with some great dirty talk. Soine was one of the better character actors in the porn biz, and he really shines here.

The scenes have a lot of variety, the sets keep changing dramatically, and the sex is consistently hot. A very entertaining and arousing film.

Language: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish
Subtitles: Portuguese, Swedish





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