Lass es kommen (1977)


Original Title

* Inonde mon ventre

Alternate Titles

* Lass es kommen (Germany, Vulcan, Alpha Germany DVD)
* Nattens Sexdrottining
* Night Fever (USA)
* Surprise No. 2

Released: 1977
Director: Maxime Debest as Maxi Mickey


* Brigitte Lahaie plays Lise Richemond
* Catherine Leno plays Madame Bastide
* Catherine Tailleferre(?) with a black wig, plays Mathilde
* Claude Janna plays Kim
* Marion Schultz plays Isabelle
* Michele le Brumann


* Alban Ceray plays Sam
* Jacques Gatteau plays Bertrand
* John Oury plays Isabelle’s husband
* Desir Bastareaud, the black dwarf




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