L’Homme qui etait fou des femmes (1988)


Homme qui etait fou des femmes (1988)

Actresses –

* Christine Lichen
* Héléna Mirelli plays the bride
* Isabelle Torilla as Anna Fisher, plays the journalist
* Laura Lancelot
* Magdalena Lynn plays Lisbeth, as Barbara Mann or Nelly Lalande
* Marie Noelly
* Samy Kennat
* Stephany Teglia
* XNK2891
* XNK2893 as Barbara Mann, Christine Lichen or Nelly Lalande
* XNK2894 plays Lydie
* XNK2895 plays Ursula

Males –

* Roberto Malone as Robert Malone, plays the photographer
* Christophe Clark plays the bridegroom
* Alain L’Yle plays the workman who is paid for sex in jewellery
* Bob Dil
* Stephen Ricci
* Jean-Paul Bride, uncredited, non-sex, plays the photographer for whom Malone worked at the start of his career
* Etienne Jaumillot, uncredited, non-sex

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 01. Samy Kennat [anal], Roberto Malone
Scene 02. XNK2891 [anal], guy
Scene 03. Marie Noelly [tit fuck], Roberto Malone
Scene 04. Magdalena Lynn, Roberto Malone
Scene 05. Héléna Mirelli [anal/DP], Christophe Clark, [later joined by] Roberto Malone
Scene 06. Laura Lancelot [solo at first], Roberto Malone
Scene 07. Caroline Laurie [anal], Alain L’Yle
Scene 08. Stephany Teglia, XNK2895
Scene 09. Magdalena Lynn, XNK2895, Roberto Malone
Scene 10. Isabelle Torilla, Roberto Malone

Language: French



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