Little Girls Lost (1982)


Lost in a World of Perversion, They’d Do Anything to Get to the Top!

Also Known As:
Deep Inside Hollywood

Peter Balakoff (as Ted Roter)


* Gena Lee [Facial]
* Gloria Brown [NonSex]
* Hillary Scott [NonSex]
* Jennifer West
* Jillian St. James [NonSex]
* Margaret Monroe (as Julie Anne) [BJOnly]
* Lilli Diamond [NonSex]
* Monique Faberge (as Monique Faberg?) [NonSex]
* Shaun Michelle (as Shawn Michele) [BJOnly]
* Tigr [Facial]
* Veronica Hart [Anal]

* Aeneid Vergil [NonSex]
* Robert Bullock (as Anthony Richardson) [NonSex]
* Eric Edwards
* John Hollyfield
* John Leslie
* Oren Bornstein [NonSex]
* R.W. Striker
* Ron Jeremy
* Ted Roter [NonSex]
* Bill Margold (as William Margold)

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Veronica Hart, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 2. Gena Lee, Bill Margold
* Scene 3. Tigr, John Leslie
* Scene 4. Veronica Hart, Eric Edwards
* Scene 5. Gena Lee, John Hollyfield
* Scene 6. Gena Lee, John Leslie
* Scene 7. Margaret Monroe, Shaun Michelle, Eric Edwards
* Scene 8. Gena Lee, Jennifer West, John Hollyfield
* Scene 9. Veronica Hart, R.W. Striker



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