Livia, una vergine per l’impero (1973)

Year: 1973
Country: Italy
Genre: History
Duration: 01.15.11

Directed by: Joe D’Amato
Studio: 1 Aprile Cinematografica, Galassia Cinematografica

Cast: Lucretia Love, Linda Sini, Attilio Dottesio

Description: D’Amato (screenplay, direction and cinematography) soft-erotic adventures (peplum) based on the films “Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei” (the opening scene of the explosion of the volcano in Pompei), “Il Trionfo dei Dieci gladiatori (gladiatorial fights) “and” Arena “(74). Film nevertheless that it was a boost was not all bad, pretty blonde Lucretia Love starring Livia, was quite convincing in the film is enough action (gladiatorial combat – here in a smaller role discovered by the famous Italian stuntman and bodybuilder Pietro Torrisi, and various riots), there is also violence, blood, otherwise there is abundant nudity and eroticism (scenes that are sometimes quite sensual), but I still, to get acquainted with this substance, rather recommended the three above-mentioned films.





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