Llegamos los fregamos y nos fuimos (1985)

Year: 1985
Country: Mexico
Genre: Comedy, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Spanish

Director: Arturo Martinez

Starring: Roberto Guzman, Alfonso Iglesias III, Pedro Weber, Grace Renat, Carlos Marcos Aguilar, Joaquin Garcia Vargas, Arlette Pacheco, Manuel Ibanez, Charly Valentino, Raul Padilla, Luis de Alba, Jose Luis Padilla, Alfredo Solares, Isabel Martinez, Sonia Pina, Judith Velasco, Paco Pharrez, Diana Arriaga, Candelaria Dominguez, Irma Aranda, Angelica Ruiz, Pedrin Orosco, Roberto Miranda, Guillermo de Alvarado, Angel Sancho
Description: Day in, day out someone in Mexico is a victim of a petty crime. This comedy takes an in-depth look at the lives of a few people that are kind, and then taken advantage of by spineless individuals. With slapstick humor, and breast jokes galore, Llegamos los fregamos y nos fuimos will not disappoint.




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