Love Alpine (1980)


AKA: Hotel Pour Junes Filles
Groom Partie
Le Groom

Starring: Brigitte Lelaurain, Julia Perrin, Mika Barthel, Dominique Saint Claire, Flore Soller, Sophie Duflot.

“Love Alpine” (1980) is a movie with superb landscape in the mountains. The main character Jerome spends the winter season at a French ski resort where he works as a porter. Because of his natural fascination and good appearance, female staff and guests can hardly withstand him…

Scene 01. Flore Soller, Mika Barthel
Scene 02. XNK2981 (black maid), Guy Bérardant
Scene 03. Sophie Duflot, Guy Bérardant
Scene 04. Dominique Saint Claire, guy
Scene 05. Sophie Duflot (solo, intercut with 04)
Scene 06. Flore Soller, Mika Barthel (very brief)
Scene 07. Flore Soller, guy
Scene 08. Mika Barthel, Guy Bérardant (intercut with 07)
Scene 09. Julia Perrin, Sophie Duflot, Guy Bérardant
Scene 10. Brigitte Lelaurain, Guy Bérardant (she is pregnant)
Scene 11. Julia Perrin, Guy Bérardant
Scene 12. Flore Soller, Mika Barthel, Jacques Gateau
Scene 13. Sophie Duflot, guy
Scene 14. Flore Soller, Mika Barthel, Julia Perrin, Brigitte Lelaurain, XNK2981, Jacques Gateau
Scene 15. orgy with almost the entire cast



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