Love Inferno (1977)



* Catherine Ringer as Lolita da Nova, plays Monique
* Chantal Virapin plays the nurse
* Cristel Lauris as Christine Louis, plays Mrs Smith
* Diane d’Osny as Diane de Solange, plays Gloria
* Emmanuelle Rivière plays Samantha
* Evelyne Manta as Frederique Souchier, plays Gaby
* Gwenda Farnel as Glenda Farrel, plays the mother
* Micky Love as Michèle d’Agro, plays Giselle
* Susi Panorama plays Belinda (non-sex)


* Dominique Pascal plays Dominique
* Tony Morena plays the stepfather
* Manu Guerra plays Paul
* Jean-Louis Vattier, as Michel Dupont plays Mr. Smith (non-sex)
* Jean-Gérard Sorlin plays the golfer
* Jacques Gateau plays the doctor
* Louison Boutin plays a mechanic
* Raymond Ximay plays a mechanic

Language: German

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