Maneaters (1983)


Cast: Kelly Nichols, Shauna Grant, Tiffany Clark, Tish Ambrose, Joanna Storm, Sharon Mitchell, Long Jean Silver, Alexis Service, Joey Silvera, George Payne, Dick Howard, Alan Adrian.

Ray Warren (Joey Silvera), a chauvinistic 32year old successful lawyer, is married to Ann (Kelly Nichols), a very classy lady. Ray has only one problem – a tendency to cheat on his wife. To cite one example, Miss Keller, (Shauna Grant), his client, in exchange for legal advice, is making it with him at the office while Ann is waiting for Ray to come home on the night of their anniversary. When Ray finally gets home, Ann is very upset and demands sex. Just as they climax, the phone rings and Ann receive news of her mother being admitted to the hospital, and leaves for Philadelphia that night.
Ray is delighted to have the place to himself. He gets in his robe, gets a drink, and reads “Sweaty Slave Girls”, which gets him quite aroused. Just then, the doorbell rings, two girls, Randy and Nina (Tiffany Clark and Joanna Storm), are looking for a party but have the wrong address. They don’t want to leave, and seduce Ray. In the morning, the girls are still there. He asks them to leave and drives them to the bus station.





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