Never Sleep Alone (1983)


Honey Wilder, Ron Jeremy, Joanna Storm, Sharon Mitchell, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Sharon Kane, Anna Ventura, Tigr, George Payne, Michael Knight, Alan Adrian

The sizzling saga of a wide open marriage.
What happens when the pursuit of hedonistic sensuality blazes out of control? Find out when you experience the intimate indiscretions of Dan (John Leslie) and Lisa (Tina Marie) … a married couple who take sex to the limit and love to disaster in NEVER SLEEP ALONE. From the forbidden Carnality of notorious underground sex clubs to New York’s most private penthouses, Dan and Lisa taste every insatiable pleasure and torrid sex act ever conceived. Along with the sex superstars Honey Wilder, Joanna Storm and Joey Silvera, every second of this arousing piece of erotica burns with nonstop sex. Soon you’ll discover what happens when you NEVER SLEEP ALONE … for some people, it’s always an easy rule to follow!




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