More Dirty Debutantes 5 (1990)

Year: 1990
Country: USA
Genre: All Sex
Duration: 2:00:06
Language English

Directed by: Ed Powers
Studio: 4-Play Video

Starring: Actresses:
Angela Summers
K.C. Williams (as Casey Fox) [Facial]
Keri Kelly [MastOnly]
Melanie Rose
Racquel Darrian [Facial]
Sheila Stone
Staci Lee
Tanya Haney
Yolanda Knight
Derek Lane
Ed Powers
Jamie Gillis
Lance Heywood
Randy West

Description: Enter the private homes of the Nasty brothers in the gorgeous high-quality of DVD! Witness history in the making: be there as Randy West is inducted into the nasty Bros. Family! It’s a classic you can not miss!


Due to sloppy editing it seems that K.C. Williams is being credited as Keri Kelly. The last title card of the credit sequence reads “Keri Kelly (The Bondage Queen) in her FIRST sexual role”. K.C. Williams appears in the first scene, right after this title card. However, the editors failed to fade out the title card before fading in on KC’s scene. Thus they create the impression that Kiri Kelly is KC Williams. However, K.C. Williams is credited earlier in the credit sequence as “KC Williams (Casey Fox)” and it is obviously Keri Kelly who is credited as Keri Kelly.

Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. K.C. Williams, Randy West
Scene 2. Yolanda Knight, Jamie Gillis
Scene 3. Keri Kelly, Ed Powers
Scene 4. Sheila Stone, Lance Heywood
Scene 5. Racquel Darrian, Derek Lane
Scene 6. Melanie Rose, Ed Powers
Scene 7. Tanya Haney, Lance Heywood
Scene 8. Angela Summers, Ed Powers
Scene 9. Angela Summers, Randy West





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