Ms. Woman of the Year (1975)

Also Known As
Woman Of The House


Heather Ellis (as Heather Ellas) [Anal]
Helen Madigan [IR]
Day Jason (as Naomi Jason) [IR]


Barry Christian
Bill Coney (as Billy Coney)
Leo Lovemore (as Glen Joseph)
Grover Griffith
Jeffrey Hurst (as Jeff Eagle)

NonSex Performers
Richard Mailer

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Helen Madigan, Leo Lovemore
Scene 2. Heather Ellis, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 3. Day Jason, Grover Griffith
Scene 4. Helen Madigan, Day Jason, Bill Coney
Scene 5. Helen Madigan, Day Jason, Barry Christian, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 6. Helen Madigan, Day Jason



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