Naked Came the Stranger (1975)


Christine Hutton
Darby Lloyd Rains
Helen Madigan
Mary Stuart
Rita Davis
Ronda Fuller

Alan Marlow
David Savage
Kevin Andre
Levi Richards
Marc Stevens
Steve Anthony

Scene 1. Darby Lloyd Rains
Scene 2. Rita Davis, John Buco
Scene 3. Darby Lloyd Rains, David Savage
Scene 4. Mary Stuart, Levi Richards
Scene 5. Helen Madigan, faceless guy
Scene 6. Darby Lloyd Rains, Alan Marlow
Scene 7. Mary Stuart, Levi Richards
Scene 8. Darby Lloyd Rains, Gerald Grant
Scene 9. Darby Lloyd Rains, Mary Stuart
Scene 10. Darby Lloyd Rains, Levi Richards

Based on a “spoof” 1969 novel written by some journalists to prove that any kind of poorly written trash could sell as long as it was sexually explicit. The book spent a week in the NYT Bestsellers list. Long story short; it makes one of the best and most intelligent porn movies of the 70s.



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