Parties raides (1976)

Alternate Titles

* The Nibblers (Something Weird Video, USA)
* Les Perversions d’un couple libère (Blue One DVD)
* Parties raides (1976)

Released: 1976
Director: Jean Desvilles as Georges Fleury


* Chantal Nora plays Eva
* Claude Janna plays a masseuse
* Ellen Earl plays Samantha
* Laurence Jarry plays the prostitute in the Bois
* Laurence Thibault plays the redhead at the office
* Maria Catala plays the maid
* Marie-Christine Chireix plays the brunette at the office


* Francois Lopez plays George, Eva’s husband
* Jacques Insermini plays a masseur
* Richard Lemieuvre plays Gerald
* Charlie Schreiner orgy scene



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