Perverted Stories 19 (1998)

Starring: Cassidy, Dalny, Molina, Zoe, Buck Adams, Brian Surewood, David Hardman, Jay Ashley, J.J. Michaels.

Bag Lady ? It was a sick and twisted game that was proposed to us. Upstairs in a room was a woman with a bag on her head. We could all fuck her and she wouldn?t say a thing. Sounds great. Here?s the catch ? the woman is one of our sisters. But whose? Want to take a spin? Sure you do.
Parking Pervert ? Nothing like the smell of hot, sweaty crotch on a car seat to excite an already deranged valet. And to think you just gave your car to a stranger. Stupid girl! Just imagine him sniffing up your moist and musky aroma. Just try to get your keys back now!
Built For Pleasure ? In his search for ultimate pleasure and perfection, Dr. Dave had crossed the fine line from being a scientist and playing God. Dave had given life to a synthetic creature. He had given it perfect tits, and a mouth, and an ass, and a cunt. And she did whatever the fuck he wanted. Just wind her up.
The Dummy ? ?Hey baby, show me those tits!? Who said that? Cassidy was alone in the room with a ventriloquist doll. A dummy. And dummies can?t talk by themselves. Or can they? This dummy does more than just talk. He likes to eat pussy and fuck. Just look at the size of his woody!



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