Gutter Mouths 5 (1997)


Starring: Candy Hill, Lexi Erickson, Nikki Neals, Phyllisha Anne, Brandon Iron, Brian Surewood, David Hardman, Rick Masters.

Profile: Phyllisia Anne ? This little whore never ceases to amaze me. Weather she sucks cock, or it?s taking a huge dick up her ass, she?s always up for it. She?s not too smart but who cares, she looks beautiful with a dick in her mouth. Profile:Candy Hill ? Here?s a slut that ain?t much to look at, but she more than makes up for it with her fucking and sucking talents. This whore has never met a cock she didn?t like. Amen to that. Profile: Nikki Neals ? Now this dumb cunt is a real piece. Piece of ass that is. Not only does she degrade herself for you, the viewer, but she?s proud of it. She probably calls her parents to let them know how she just had to guys fuck her in the ass and cum in her mouth. Now that?s something to be proud of. Profile: Lexi Erikson -You probably won?t believe this, but just two months ago this dumb ass whore wouldn?t even fuck guys, and now look at her. Now you fuck her in the ass, cuim in her mouth, and make her ride in the back of your pick up truck on the way home.



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