Pleasure Hunt 2 (1985)


Also Known As
Pleasure Hunt Part II

Cast: Ginger Lynn, Ashley Welles, Mai Lin, Susan Hart, Peter North, Tom Byron, Buck Adams, Marc Wallice, Steve Drake, Don Fernando, Billy Dee

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Ginger Lynn
  • Scene 2. Ashley Welles, Ginger Lynn, Mai Lin, Don Fernando, Tom Byron
  • Scene 3. Ginger Lynn, Buck Adams, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
  • Scene 4. Susan Hart, Steve Drake
  • Scene 5. Ginger Lynn
  • Scene 6. Ginger Lynn, Susan Hart, Billy Dee, Don Fernando
  • Scene 7. Ginger Lynn, Peter North


  • Clips from Pleasure Hunt 1 are shown during first 6 minutes of the movie.

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