Pretty Peaches 2 (1987)


Ashley Welles [Facial]
Jeanette Littledove [Anal]
Melissa Melendez
Siobhan Hunter [Anal Facial]
Tami White
Tracey Adams [IR]


Billy Dee
Buck Adams
F.M. Bradley
Hershel Savage
Jamie Gillis
Peter North
Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Tracey Adams, Peter North
Scene 2. Tami White, Hershel Savage
Scene 3. Jeanette Littledove, Buck Adams
Scene 4. Ashley Welles, Billy Dee, Ron Jeremy
Scene 5. Tracey Adams, F.M. Bradley
Scene 6. Tracey Adams, Hershel Savage
Scene 7. Siobhan Hunter, Jamie Gillis
Scene 8. Tracey Adams, Ron Jeremy
Scene 9. Melissa Melendez, Hershel Savage
Scene 10. Siobhan Hunter, Ron Jeremy
Scene 11. Melissa Melendez, Siobhan Hunter, Peter North

Poor Peaches! She’s almost twenty and she’s never been laid. And, that’s bad news for a beautiful, curious girl like Peaches. What she needs is a good sexual vacation, so she packs it up and heads to San Francisco to visit her strange Uncle Howard. On the way, she meets a horny trucker with a taste for big-busted hookers. What she sees will knock your socks off! Once in SF, Peaches is served up a veritable buffet of carnal delights. From a group grope with Uncle Howard’s family to an exotic, anal experience in a mysterious Chinatown brothel, Peaches is spared no detail in her erotic education! And that’s only the beginning! Only Alex de Renzy could serve up a tale as hot and hilarious as Pretty Peaches #2.



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