Reflections (1977)


Reflections is a bizarre mirror of a young girl’s inner desires. The twisted passions of uncontrollable teenage lust reflect the fantasies of one youthful darling. The gorgeous Annette Haven stars in this best-selling 1977 blue film classic.


Annette Haven
Bonnie Holiday
Christine Kelly [LezOnly]
Kristine Heller
Linda Wong
Sandy Pinney

David Pinney
Joey Silvera
John Leslie
Paul Thomas
Tyler Reynolds

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Kristine Heller, John Leslie
Scene 2. Bonnie Holiday, David Pinney
Scene 3. Kristine Heller, Paul Thomas
Scene 4. Kristine Heller
Scene 5. Annette Haven, Paul Thomas
Scene 6. Annette Haven, Kristine Heller
Scene 7. Linda Wong, John Leslie
Scene 8. girl, guy
Scene 9. Christine Kelly, Linda Wong
Scene 10. Sandy Pinney, guy
Scene 11. Kristine Heller, John Leslie
Scene 12. girl, Tyler Reynolds
Scene 13. Sandy Pinney, Joey Silvera
Scene 14. Annette Haven, Kristine Heller, Paul Thomas



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