Rollerbabies (1976)


Directed by Carter Stevens Original Screenplay by Wesson Smith

Cast : Kim Pope, Mary Stuart, Mimi Morgan, Suzanne McBain, Terri Hall, Yolanda Savalas (“introducing”), David Christopher, David Williams, Alan Marlow (as Robert Random), Roger Caine, Russ Carlson

Scene 1. Robert Random, Yolanda Savalas
Scene 2. guy, Mary Stuart
Scene 3. Robert Random, Terri Hall
Scene 4. Robert Random, Kim Pope
Scene 5. Robert Random, Suzanne McBain
Scene 6. Robert Random, Suzanne McBain, Yolanda Savalas
Scene 7. Suzanne McBain, Roger Caine, Yolanda Savalas
Scene 8. guy, Mary Stuart
Scene 9. blonde, guy, Roger Caine
Scene 10. brun, guy
Scene 11. black_girl, guy

Description: “In the future there will be no sex, but there will be Rollerbabies!” One of Stevens’s most adventurous and titillating titles, Rollerbabies mixes sci-fi silliness with hot and heavy action.



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