Rolls Royce Baby (1975)


Lina Romay … Lisa Romay, “The Rolls-Royce Baby”
Eric Falk (as Erik Falk)
Ursula Maria Schaefer (as Ursula Schäfer)
Roman Huber (as Roman Hüber)
Alexander Blazzoni
Marcel Imbach
Kurt Meinicke (as Kurt Meinecke)
Jonas Ohlin

Very rare non-Jess Franco Lina Romay film directed by Erwin Dietrich. In this sex-filled Dietrich film Lina Romay plays a popular actress who also happens to be a nymphomaniac! After she picks up Dietrich regular Erik Falk, she decides to enlist Falk as her chauffeur and he drives Lina around in her Rolls Royce picking up men and women to have sex with. Also stars Ursula Maria Schaefer.



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