Satin Finish (1985)

Satin Finish is the story of Sonny (Kimberly Carson), who always seems to find herself in the “middle” of things or should I say everyone finds themselves in the middle of Sonny, whose erotic movements stimulate more than Hank (Greg Rome), and his wife, Dottie (Misty Reagan). It all takes place in an automobile paint shop, called “Hank Bangs Um Out,” and does he ever. He had just the right tool. From the beginning when Sonny becomes part of the crew to Annette (Dallas Miko), who tries to “un-cover” just where all the money is disappearing also finds herself in the “middle” with Sonny. Through a maze of sexual encounters, which lead to the villain, we see more than we expected, as one by one all of our characters are “uncovered”. There is one hot scene chasing another all the way down the line, right down to the finish…the Satin Finish.


Dallas Miko [LezOnly]
Kimberly Carson
Misty Regan


Dick Howard
Greg Rome
Tony Martino

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Kimberly Carson, Dick Howard
Scene 2. Misty Regan, Tony Martino
Scene 3. Kimberly Carson, Misty Regan, Greg Rome
Scene 4. Kimberly Carson, Greg Rome
Scene 5. Dallas Miko, Kimberly Carson



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