Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous 1 (1988)

Henri Pachard

Eva Allen, Jade East, Megan Leigh, Ona Z, Shanna McCullough,
Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Mike Horner, Peter North, Randy West

Scene 1. Jade East, Shanna McCullough, Jon Martin
Scene 2. Eva Allen, Peter North
Scene 3. Jade East, Mike Horner
Scene 4. Ona Z, Jon Martin
Scene 5. Eva Allen, Megan Leigh
Scene 6. Megan Leigh, Joey Silvera
When one of the few flaws you can find with a sex video is the title, you know you’ve got a winner. Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous, a modern-day “Romeo and Juliet” set among the nouveau riche, is a collaborative effort between Henri Pachard and Alex De Renzy that features plenty of each filmmaker’s specialties and good performances all around from an all-star cast.
Star-crossed loves Farron Heights and Peter North try to continue their affair, despite the protestations of their respective parents. In the meantime, Jade East, North’s stepmom, does her part by seducing Height’s fiance, Mike Horner, while “nurse” Megan Leigh and wacked-out gardener Joey Silvera try to help true love run more smoothly. But the pair decide their only course is to elope, which sets the stage for the sequel.
The combination of Pachard’s sumptuous set designs and lyrical couplings and De Renzy’s steamy, emotionally charged scenes is well-handled throughout this production. Heights and North’s opening sexual encounter in a garage sets the stage nicely for what follows. Another highlight is the garden shed session between Silvera and Leigh, who also shares a nicely-done all-girl scene with patient Heights. Shanna McCullough only appears once as “the Babe,” but as always, makes it one of the hottest scenes.




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  1. This is not “Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous 1” from Henri Pachard but “Sex Lives of the Rich and beautiful” from Justin Star.

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