Shipwrecked Savannah (1990)



* Heather Hart (as Ali Krumer) [LezOnly]
* Lacey Logan
* Rachel Ashley
* Savannah [LezOnly]
* Sunny Day


* Blake Palmer
* Dan T. Mann
* Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Lacey Logan, Rachel Ashley, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 2. Blake Palmer, Dan T. Mann, Rachel Ashley
* Scene 3. Blake Palmer, Lacey Logan, Sunny Day
* Scene 4. Heather Hart, Savannah

The ship goes down… Only one passenger is able to make it to the safety of a beautiful, tropical island. Our poor beauty is all alone, or so she thinks. Suddenly she is surrounded by a garden of lust, sexual pleasures. It is there that the passionate natives teach her the joys of primitive lust.




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