Silk Satin And Sex (1983)

Also Known As
Door to Door Sales (GVC release title)
Extremes Verlangen junger Hausfrauen
Silk Satin Sex

Starring: Jesie St. James, Joanna Storm, Mai Lin, Tanya Lawson, Tiffany Clark, Vanessa Del Rio, Veronica Hart, Bill Michaels, David Sanders, Jerry Butler, Jose Duval, Paul Thomas

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Vanessa del Rio, Jerry Butler
  • Scene 2. Jesie St. James, Bill Michaels
  • Scene 3. Joanna Storm, David Sandler
  • Scene 4. Tanya Lawson
  • Scene 5. Tiffany Clark, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 6. Mai Lin, Jose Duval
  • Scene 7. Joanna Storm, Mai Lin
  • Scene 8. Tanya Lawson, Vanessa del Rio, Jerry Butler, Mike Feline

Language: English



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