Sogni d’estate a Riccione (1992)

Also Known As:
Obsessions italiennes Colmax, 77 means, double feature DVD with Perversions italiennes
Sarah and Friends 19 SAP, includes Sogni d’estate a riccione
Sarah Young Directors Cut Special Edition 9 Mike Hunter DVD of Sarah and Friends 19 which includes Sogni d’estate a riccione
Summer Dreams Germany, SAP

God of production: 1992
Country: Italy
Genre: Feature
Duration: 1:12:55
Language: Italian
Director: Magdalena Lynn (as Nicky Ranieri)
Studio: Salieri Productions

Starring: Actresses:
Béatrice Valle (as Florance Henry)
Cjilla March (as Rita Valisky)
Deborah Wells
Jasmine (as Emy Rush)
Tabatha Cash (as Céline Duval)

Ron Jeremy
Christophe Clark (as Christopher Clarck)
Philippe Soine
Roberto Malone
Richard Lengin
Michael Rusty (credited but it is not known who this name refers to)

Description: Emy Rush is in a tacky nightclub and bored to death. She dozes off and has a number of erotic dreams.

Scene breakdown:
Deborah Wells, Emy Rush (non-sex), Christophe Clark, set in a restaurant.
Beatrice Valle / Ron Jeremy, Tabetha Cash / Roberto Malone, (anal for Cash).
Emy Rush, Rita Valisky (girl-girl, outdoors).
Emy Rush, Richard Lengin.
Emy Rush, Philippe Soine.
Deborah Wells (non-sex), Philippe Soine.



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