Spirit of Seventy Sex (1976)

aka Seventeen Seventy Sex
Spirit of Seventy-Sex

Director: Godfrey Daniels (as Ms. Ricki Krelmn)

Cast: Annette Haven, Abigail Clayton, Kristine Heller, Sandy Pinney, Angela Haze, Desiree West, John Holmes, Tyler Reynolds, Jon Martin, John Seeman, Jeff Lyle, Ray Wells, Clay Hyde

Scene 1. Annette Haven, Tyler Reynolds
Scene 2. Kristine Heller, Jeff Lyle
Scene 3. Angela Haze, John Seeman
Scene 4. Desiree West, John Holmes
Scene 5. Abigail Clayton, Sandy Pinney
Scene 6. Sandy Pinney, Kent Hall, Jon Martin, Ray Wells
Scene 7. Annette Haven, Tyler Reynolds

If Martha Washington looked like luscious star Annette Haven, our history books would probably read like the Kama Sutra. Spirit of Seventy-Sex is a playful, tongue-in-cheeks romp backward in time, but giant steps forward in eroticism. It’s a costume piece with wardrobe mostly from the Garden of Eden. Annette Haven is outrageously beautiful and maddeningly alluring, and even if this outstandingly humorous and sexy movie were filmed two centuries ago, it would still be a hit.







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