Star Attraction (1995)

Starring: Felecia, Marilyn Star, Nici Sterling, Sahara Sands, Jon Dough, Mickey G., TT Boy, Vince Vouyer

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Nici Sterling, Mickey G., TT Boy
  • Scene 2. Sahara Sands, Vince Vouyer
  • Scene 3. Felecia, Marilyn Star
  • Scene 4. Marilyn Star, Jon Dough
  • Scene 5. Nici Sterling, Jon Dough

Description: Marylin Star is the Star Attraction in this sizzling feature that proves to all just why she deserves top billing. Her wild action, curvy lines and sex appeal have been the “star attraction” for some time now, assuring her a place in the porno hall of fame. Watch how she acquired star status… Caution: be warned of possible video monitor meltdown!



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