Sweet Dreams, Suzan (1979)


Cast:Brooke West, Dorothy Lemay, Laurien Dominique, Penelope Jones, Rhonda Jo Petty, Sharon Kane, Starr Wood, Aaron Stuart, Blair Harris, Jesse Adams, Jon Martin, Michael Morrison, Mick South

Obsessed with wild sexual fantasies, sensuous Suzan (Rhonda Jo Petty) calls and describes every erotic detail to her horny shrink, Dr. Henderson. Soon the telephone lines are ablaze as SWEET DREAMS SUZAN comes to life-not to mention Dr. Henderson and his eavesdropping secretary! In the first dream, an exotic dancer entices Suzan on stage to take advantage of her hunky brother Evan’s most outstanding feature. Then Suzan’s female pool party turns into an orgy of breastroke lessons, demonstrating girls just want to have fun! Finally, an adolescent Suzan takes on her piano teacher and an eager door-to-door salesgirl in the hottest cookie contest ever. Poor Dr. Henderson he’s about ready to explode (and subsequently does)! Then Suzan decides to take his advice and experience reality. Providing a rowdy conclusion, three fertile gardeners sow their wild oats while Suzan plays with their maypoles in a dreamy finale to this orgiastic odyssey.




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