Terri’s Revenge (1976)

Year: 1976
Country: United States
Genre: Classical
Duration: 00:57:22

Directed by: Zebedy Colt
Studio: Blue Video Productions

Starring: Terri Hall, Chad Lambert, Peter Andrews

Uniquely talented as a director and actor, Zebedy Colt could turn a low budget skin flick into a hyper real and sometimes vicious experience. In front of the camera, Colt could perform roles from meek to depraved, and as a director what he delivered was always erotic.

Two New York sluts tired of being raped and abused start “W.A.R” Women Against Rape. They take their vengeance on convicted rapists! An orgy of vicious verbal abuse, pissing, testicle torture and anal fucking!

Scene 1. Chad Lambert, Terri Hall
Scene 2. Chad Lambert, Terri Hall
Scene 3. Chad Lambert, Peter Andrews, Terri Hall
Scene 4. brun, guy
Scene 5. brun, Terri Hall
Scene 6. brun, guy, Terri Hall
Scene 7. 2 blondes, guy
Scene 8. brun, guy, Terri Hall
Scene 9. blonde, guys, redhead





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