The Diary of My Secret Life (1970)


Starring: Billy Lane, William Howard, Sandy Carey, Keith Erickson, Orita De Chadwick, Nancy Martin, Henry Ferris, Eve Orlon, Jack King, Monica Wilson

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Sandi Carey, Billy Lane
  • Scene 2. Nancy Martin, Orita De Chadwick, William Howard
  • Scene 3. Eve Orlon, Keith Erickson
  • Scene 4. Monica Wilson, Henry Ferris



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  1. Author..
    on the cover says (4 DVDs) ..
    downloaded will download as few as one DVD ???
    or all DVDs ??

    Take Care man..


  2. The Diary of My Secret Life (1970)
    also known as My Secret Life

    This movie is from the Alpha Blue Archives Young Lust 1 boxed set. It is also distributed by SWV in their Dragon Art Theatre Volume 131 double feature.

    Like several other movies in the Young Lust 1 set, this is based on a famous erotic story (My Secret Life, an Erotic Diary of Victorian London) and is set in Victorian England.

    SWV has this review/summary of the movie:
    Luscious lesbos Orita DeChadwick and Nancy Martin dive into each other’s pools, then get skull-fucked by William Howard. (They dip his pork-stick into a glass of wine, then play tug-of-war with it.) Other vignettes involve a trampy hooker and Keith Erickson getting some nookie from Eve Orlon the parlor maid. And Sandi Carey puts on a real show as the virgin Sarah, “a good-natured, foolish, stupid, trusting creature”, who goes for a ride on the purple-headed cyclops.

  3. Author

    you can tell me which movies have scenes of (Creampie) ??
    German ?? Italian ??
    What DVDs have this??

    Thanks for help man


  4. Ser i cant remember,this movie is uploaded before one year, now is just re-uploaded, you can download and you will see which scenes are in this movie, or if you have some problem i will found in my archive and i’ll tell you, but i’ll lose valuble time …because there is many many cds.

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