The Erotic Adventures of Aladdin X (1995)


Also Known As
Aladdin and the Anal Princess
Aladino X (Italian alternative title)
The Erotic Dream of Aladdin X (Italian original, Top Line)

Year: 1993
Language: German
Director: Luca Damiano, Joe D’Amato

Starring: Lydia Chanel (as Julia Chanel) [Anal Facial], Georgia Anghela (as Pussycat) [Anal Facial], Simona Valli [Anal Facial], Tabatha Cash (as Tabatah Cash) [Anal Facial], Andrea Nobili, Christoph Clark (as Cristopher Clark), Fausto Moreno.

Description: Cristophe Clark is Aladdin, the lucky owner of a lamp which, when rubbed, makes all the dreams of its owner come true. Aladdin has a thoroughly decadent mind, so it’s not hard to imagine what he uses the lamp to conjure. In a puff of smoke exotic, lusty maidens like Tabitha Cash and Julia Chanel burst forth, making all of his erotic fantasies into flesh and blood realities. Now the only trouble Aladdin has is keeping rested and nourished, and the sex kittens his lamp gives him even help take care of that. An erotic masterpiece by the master of lush European porn, Luca Damiano.

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Simona Valli, Christoph Clark
* Scene 2. Tabatha Cash, Christoph Clark
* Scene 3. Lydia Chanel, Georgia Anghela, Andrea Nobili, Fausto Moreno
* Scene 4. Lydia Chanel, Georgia Anghela, Christoph Clark
* Scene 5. Lydia Chanel, Georgia Anghela, Simona Valli, Tabatha Cash, Andrea Nobili, Christoph Clark





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