Satisfiers of Alpha Blue (1980)

The Satisfiers Of Alpha Blue
AVN Top 500
This classic adult movie is quite ambitious for an adult film in the science-fiction format, and it succeeds very well. The setting is a future society where the normal everyday aspects of life have been swept away, leaving little else for people to do, except engage in erotic play; literally a ‘Brave New Sex World.’ It’s a space age resort, called Alpha Blue, where the Satisfiers and their guests raise sex to a fine art-and you, too, will learn to enjoy sex in a new dimension.
The characters are so appealing and the girls are so sensual and gifted at stimulating the erogenous zones that the movie is, without question, an erotic gem not to be missed!


Annie Sprinkle [Pee]
Robin Sane (as Carlyn Sand)
Coral Cie [Anal]
Erica Eaton [NonSex]
Hillary Summers [BJOnly Facial]
Holly Page [BJOnly]
Lynx Canon (as Jean Damage) [BJOnly]
Jody Maxwell [Anal DP]
Lee Caroll [Facial]
Lysa Thatcher [Facial]
Maria Tortuga [BJOnly]
Marilyn Gee [NonSex]
Monique [NonSex]
Sharon Mitchell [NonSex]
Tiffany Clark [Facial Fisting]


Bill McKean
Brian Palmer
George Payne
Gerard Damiano [NonSex]
Hershel Savage (as Herschel Savage)
Mal O’Ree [GS]
Michael Morrison
R. Bolla
Ron Hudd
Ted Devin

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Robin Sane, faceless guy
Scene 2. Hillary Summers, Jody Maxwell, Lysa Thatcher, Hershel Savage
Scene 3. Robin Sane, Lysa Thatcher
Scene 4. Jody Maxwell, George Payne, Michael Morrison
Scene 5. Hillary Summers, Mal O’Ree
Scene 6. Lee Caroll, George Payne
Scene 7. Lysa Thatcher, R. Bolla
Scene 8. Lysa Thatcher, George Payne, Mal O’Ree, Michael Morrison
Scene 9. Annie Sprinkle, Mal O’Ree
Scene 10. Holly Page, Lynx Canon, Lee Caroll, Maria Tortuga, faceless guy, Ron Hudd
Scene 11. Tiffany Clark, Bill McKean
Scene 12. Coral Cie, Tiffany Clark
Scene 13. Coral Cie, George Payne
Scene 14. Hillary Summers, Hershel Savage
Scene 15. Lysa Thatcher, R. Bolla
Scene 16. Holly Page, Lynx Canon, Lee Caroll, Maria Tortuga, Tiffany Clark, faceless guy, Hershel Savage, Ron Hudd





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