The Violation Of Chandler (1998)


Starring: Chandler, Sharon Mitchell, Sweetie Pie, Candy Apples, Sharon Kane, Nancy Vee, Lennox, Porsha, Mila.

It?s tough for me to put into words what you are about to watch. As I look through the still to make this DVD, I find myself cringing. This has got to be the most depraved video I have ever put on. I mean, what can be said about watching Lennox lick and suck Mila?s colon-rose? Just looking at these stills sends shivers down my spine. And what about Mila squirting different color liquid out of her gaping ass? It?s just too much for any one person to explain. All I guess I can say is watch this DVD at your own risk. It will fuck with your mind for months to cum!



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