Trafic Feminin (1991)

Also Known As
French Connection (German version, Scandinavian Pictures)
Trafic Féminin
Dichter Verker – Germany

Cast: Sabrina, Sunny McKay, Kriss, Cindy, Lynn Armitage, Siam, Kevin Leeb, Richard Langin, Christoph Clark, Alex Martins, Ralph Gormann,

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Luna Saronne, Siam
  • Scene 2. Cindy Labare, Luna Saronne
  • Scene 3. Corinne Hefner, Ralf Dorman
  • Scene 4. Lynn Armitage, Sunny McKay, Rally van Kamp, Richard Langin
  • Scene 5. Cindy Labare, Luna Saronne, Richard Langin
  • Scene 6. Lynn Armitage, Sunny McKay, 2 guys
  • Scene 7. Lynn Armitage, Sunny McKay, Pascal Solino, Ralf Dorman
  • Scene 8. Lynn Armitage, Sunny McKay, Siam
  • Scene 9. Luna Saronne, Siam
  • Christoph Clark is credited on the boxcover but he doesn’t appear in the movie.

Language: French



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