Una Zia Molto Disponibile (1990)

* Andrea Molnar as Claudia Grosso, plays a guest
* Blondie [2] plays a guest
* Elodie Cherie as Elodie, plays a guest
* Florence Morley as Florence, plays a guest
* Francesca Ray as Ars Amandi, plays a guest
* Jessica Rizzo plays la zia (the aunt)
* Ophelia Tozzi as Ophelia Tozzy, plays a guest
* Rossana Doll plays the niece
* Sheyla Cats plays Marta
* Vanessa d’Angely as Vanessa, plays Vanessa

* Yves Baillat plays Ivano, the nephew
* Richard Langin as Richard Voisin, plays Riccardo, a friend
* Jean Pierre Armand plays Gianni, a friend
* Franco Roccaforte plays the butler
* Stephen Kramer plays a guest
* Max Renna as Frederic Bogart or uncredited, plays a guest
* Blond-haired man as Frederic Bogart or uncredited, plays a guest

Language: Italian

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  1. Thanks Admin for this fantastic Classic with this Wonderful actress a very italian staccacazzi stappacazzi staccafiletti, the Great Jessica Rizzo

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